September 2015 Events in Omaha, NE

This blog will focus on discussing about some of the events that are coming recently in Omaha which will contribute to making the month of September turn out to be fun as well as exciting. Read on to know more on this.

Here are the things you should not miss doing while you’re on a trip to Omaha during the month of September.

Tuesday, September 18; Big O Bocce Leagues

This is one of the events taking place in September that you should not miss attending. This event is going to take place at Turner Park. The activity will involve various teams whereby every team is supposed to create their own teams that consist of 5- 8 players. You can as well sign up individually and the organizers will place you on any existing team. You’re encouraged that before the event you invite as many people as you can so that the events can be fun and exciting. Also, do not forget to carry your personal safety kit so that you can treat the small injuries that may occur during the event.

 Wednesday, September 18; Warm Up/ Cool Down

If you love exercises and if you want to learn some ways that can assist you reduce body weight and tension, then you should ensure that you attend this event. This event is an outdoor, group fitness class that conducts its activity at Turner Park every September. You’re encouraged that if possible you come with your family members so that they can get to experience the various benefits that this event will offer to the people.

The event will teach people the various ways of using workouts to reduce tension. Also, people will be advised on the various foods they’re supposed to consume which go handy with workouts and which are ideal for those people who want to reduce their body weight.

Thursday, September; End of Summer Concert Series

The summer might be seen coming to a close but the party is still taking place at Midtown Crossing with return of the End of Summer Concert Series that will feature some of Omaha’s hottest talent. Therefore, if you’re in Omaha and you want to showoff your talent, this is the place to be. Try also to convince your colleagues to ensure that they attend the event if in deed they wish to show off their talents. Some of the people we expect are musicians, acrobats, runners, swimmers, etc. who believe they’ve got talent but they’ve not yet started utilizing it.

Sandhill Crane Migration

In the month of September approximately 400, 000 migrating sand hill cranes usually feed as well as rest along the Platte River in the middle of the state near Omaha. Basically, at sunset, the horizon goes dark as these gray birds, which are about 5- 7 feet across the wing- tips returns to sandbars after they’ve feed in the fields.

The northbound cranes are considered to be among the great world’s great remaining migration. Thanks to the present of viewing areas which stretch along interstate that enables people to easily see those creatures. Typically, Omaha is an ideal place that you can go on vacation this September and get to experience this migration.

Booking Rentals & Hotels in Omaha

If you’re not residing in Omaha but you’ll be in this city in the month of September, it’s ideal that you book early enough one of the hotel rooms in Omaha. This is because there are so many visitors expected in this month of September. Look for the hotel that fits your budget and the one that you think you’ll comfortable with.

For more details about the various hotels in Omaha, Google on the internet and you’ll be provided with a variety of them plus the cost that you’ll be expected to pay.

Last, but not least, it is my sincere hope that you’ll attend any of the aforementioned events mentioned in this writeup. Ensure that you attend them so that you can get to experience the fun!

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