Moving to Omaha, Nebraska? Here are Some Interesting Facts

Omaha blends down-home charm with urban chic, coming across as an eccentric city for those who are looking for an exciting experience living in a vibrant city. In this post, we highlight some interesting facts you should keep in mind about Omaha, more so if you are planning to move there.

Warren Buffet’s Home City

Warren Buffet, former richest person on the planet, is one among many ultra-rich individuals who hail from Omaha, Nebraska. Not that this should make it any more livable than any other city in the country, but maybe some of their good luck might rub on you, eh? If you are determined about leaving your current city and trying a new place altogether, this fact makes Omaha an interesting pick.

Get Some Beer Love

Omaha is a hotspot for breweries and local establishments that offer a rich variety of craft beers. If you are the typical beer lover, you’ll love it in this city. From Beer Fest to the Omaha Beer Week, there are scores of festivals devoted to Omaha’s favorite beverage all year round. You’ll never run out of places to hop to for some tasty beer.

How About Some Music Cool?

If you’ve been looking around, you probably have noticed that Omaha ranks every well on the country’s lists of top music cities. You can catch a show at the Slowdown, The Waiting Room, Venue 51, or the Barley Street Tavern. Every night, there’s a concert or open mic event in this city. If you love singing or just listening to some cool music vibe, this city should do the trick for you.

Everything in 20 Minutes

In Omaha, everything seems to be just 20 minutes away. Ask a local person how long it takes to move from one point to the other, and the answer is almost always 20 minutes. With manageable traffic during rush hour, and interstate access, it’s easy to move around the city and its environs.

Feast on Some Omaha Steaks

Ever heard of Omaha Steaks? Yes you have. The city of Omaha has no shortage of excellent steakhouses. You can try any of the many joints in town, starting with The Drover, all the way to Brother Sebastian’s, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, or even Gorat’s (Warren Buffet’s favorite).

Best Zoo in the US

Henry Doorly Zoo has been ranked the best zoo in the country. This place has the biggest geodesic dome within the U.S, the largest indoor rain forest, and is a fantastic place where you can see monkeys, bears, penguins, and other animals you can think of that are housed here.

Welcome to Silicon Prairie

Omaha is part of the Silicon Prairie, and there are numerous tech startups and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for employment in the tech sector, or would like to invest in this space, Omaha has no shortage of opportunities. You can start by going to the Big Omaha conference and checking out some ‘Silcon Prairie News’ on Google.

Home to Most Fortune 500 Companies in one City

Omaha has five Fortune 500 companies, which is the greatest number in any one city within the nation: Berkshire Hathaway, ConAgra Foods, Peter Kiewit Son’, Union Pacific, and Mutual of Omaha. Doesn’t this just highlight that Omaha is a vibrant city where businesses can thrive?

You Can Talk to Strangers Here

Omaha is no doubt one of the friendliest cities in the world. Here you can talk to strangers anywhere, any time. You’ll be surprised how everyone you meet is friends with someone you know. Talk about hospitality!

Omaha’s Museums are Top Notch

Joslyn Art Museum offers a diverse collection of fine art, from Rembrandt’s all the way to the modern masters. What’s better? Admission into this artsy place is free. Once known as Union Station, the Art Deco masterpiece has been turned into Durham Museum. Here you can tour vintage trains and witness see changing exhibits going back 60 years. If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a rainy Saturday, the Joslyn Art Museum and the Durham Museum are best places!

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