Omaha’s Newest Sister City, Boca Raton, FL

Omaha and Boca Raton, FL are now sister cities.  With similar population numbers but very different weather patterns, the decision to partner up was made in mid-2015.  While they are new-found sisters, the two towns have very different “personalities” when it comes to comparative demographics, climate, and economy.

A few Differences

Boca Raton is a sub-tropical paradise known for its opulence, with some of the most expensive waterfront real estate in the United States.  Omaha is a growing metropolis with traditional midwestern roots – home to insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway,  and high tech companies like Omaha native Proxibid.

Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, Boca Raton enjoys year-round temperatures primarily in the 80s and lower 90s, perfect weather for taking a swim almost any time.  A flyover of the city will reveal that almost 70% of homes have pools according to Drew Nichols of Boca Raton real estate brokerage Palmetto Park Realty.  Omaha, meanwhile, has relatively colder winters, getting about 25 inches of snow annually, according to WeatherBase – most certainly not pool weather like that found in Boca Raton.

The economies do both share one similarity: a high number of service oriented businesses have been founded in both communities, a sign of a healthy economy in the high tech world we all live in.  Boca Raton counts a big start up community, especially financially related, while Omaha’s start-up community is more focused in the insurance, auction, and professional services areas.

The sister cities announcement celebration will take place in the coming weeks and will be simulcast.

Omaha is one of over 700 cities in the United States affiliated with over 2,400 communities in 134 countries across the world.  Source:

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